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How to get to Yacht Charter Base on Koh Samui

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is on the east side of the Malay peninsula or the Pacific Ocean side. In contrast, Phuket is on the west side of the Malay peninsula and the Indian Ocean side. It is part of Surat Thani Province and sits about 20 nm off the coast and 650 km south of Bangkok. Samui has an International Airport, and being such a distance from Bangkok, most people choose to fly in, but there are other options, as noted below. There is no marina in Samui; we operate our charter fleet from the sheltered bay of Bophut, home to the now partially gentrified Bophut Fisherman's Village of the same name.


Flying to Samui

The safest and quickest way to get to the Island Spirit Base on Koh Samui is to fly to the Samui International Airport (USM). There are direct flight options from various Asian countries and good connections through Bangkok and Singapore. From the Samui airport, it's only a 15-minute taxi ride to the Island Spirit Base in Bophut. We can have a taxi waiting for you on arrival, or you can grab a private or join-in taxi at the airport.

Flying to Surat Thani

Surat Thani is a busy and prosperous Province and has a domestic airport serviced by many airlines. Flights are cheap and frequent, and while it can appear to be an attractive option to flying into Samui International, the overland trip may add an entire day to your travel schedule. It is not particularly rewarding on any front; if time is of the essence, we do not recommend this option.


By luxury tour-bus

If you prefer to travel by road and come from Bangkok, several tour-bus companies offer "Luxury" bus trips. They are economical as they operate overnight; you leave in the evening and arrive on the Island in the morning. They are pretty comfortable; you'll have an aircraft- like seat, there's a toilet on board and some rest-stops along the way. The fare usually includes the ferry and a minivan ride to your destination on the Island. Trains, busses and other means. Thailand is full of adventure, and there are so many ways to get yourself around the place. The train system with its old-fashioned sleeping cabins can be a great option, and then there's bike tours, self-drive options, and so on. No matter which way you travel, all roads lead to Surat Thani. From there, take a private or join in a taxi to the ferry at the terminal at Don Sak

The Ferry

The Seatran company operates a car-ferry service from Donsak to Koh Samui, taking around 2 hours. Two passenger ferries operate on this route. The Lompraya high peed ferry using a modern commercial catamaran takes around 45 minutes. The Songserm company operates a wooden ferry, which is popular with younger backpackers and takes a bit over an hour. When you arrive on Samui Island, it is easiest to grab a taxi outside the terminal and have them take you to our Charter Base. If you want to provision on the way, we should book the transfer for you, because our drivers will stay in touch with us, they understand your objective, and know which shops to visit.

From on the Island

If you're on Koh Samui before your yacht charter, we are happy to get a taxi to pick you up from your hotel. We have a team of trusted drivers who speak English well and know the Island. If you want to provision on the way, this is by far your best option, because our drivers will stay in touch with us, they understand your objective, and know which shops to visit.

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If you're having difficulty with flights and transfers, please mention this to your Charter Coordinator to get the most up to date info and options. You can find further information regarding taxi, bus and ferry options at

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