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Koh Chang


The Island Spirit Charter Base in Ko Chang is open during the northeast monsoon from October and closes in May. The best sailing conditions occur during the northeast monsoon because all of the best beaches, reefs and resorts are on the west and south side of the islands. While the islands offer protection from the northerly winds, you're free to explore this stunningly beautiful archipelago and anchor in any of the many tranquil bays. Ko Chang's driest months are November to March, but it may rain a little during those times, keeping the waterfalls flowing and the tropical landscape green and lush. On average, the warmest month is April and the coolest/driest month is January.

Mid October through December

At the onset of the northeast monsoon, the winds are strongest, so we get some of our best sailing conditions in this period. Wind strength can range from 15 to 25 knots steadily throughout the day and night. These are Thailands winter months; temperatures in the evening can get as low as 18°C and in the daytime 27°C. There is a chance of scattered thunderstorms in October, but by mid-November, there is very little chance of rain.

January to March

This is the best time of year for a family holiday; there is very little chance of rain, just big blue skies, warm tropical weather and some wind to go sailing on. But not so challenging that your crew will be hanging on white-knuckled to the rail, but adequate to allow you to sit back and indulge in the art of sailing. Temperatures rise through January, and by March, we're back to a balmy 32°C in the day, and as the monsoon dwindles, winds becoming less predictable and range from 10 to 15knots. There are very few days where there is no wind for sailing, and in the latter part of the season, we often get a westerly sea breeze providing a beam reach the entire length of the archipelago.

April and May

The monsoon transitions from north to south and daytime weather conditions become less predictable; most sailing is on sea breezes that come through in the afternoon. There is very little wind in the evening, providing new anchorages to explore that would otherwise be untenable in the northeast winds.

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