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How to get to Base on Koh Chang

Located 350 km southeast of Bangkok in Trat Province, Koh Chang lies alongside the Thai Cambodian border. Two car ferry services operate between the island and the mainland from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, departing every 45 minutes or so, for the 30-minute voyage. The Island Spirit Charter base on Ko Chang, is located in the sleepy little fishing village of Salakphet on the southeast side of the island, far away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas. Although most taxi drivers know of Salakphet, they may be reluctant to make the journey as their chance of picking up a return fare is virtually nonexistent, making the one- way trip rather expensive.


The safest and quickest way to get to our Koh Chang base is to fly to Trat (TDX) airport. Flights only come from Bangkok and are operated by Bangkok Airways. They have three flights a day which take one hour, and all flights get you to the ferry terminal in time to catch the ferry. You can find flight information on the Bangkok Airways website here (add Link). We can book a taxi from the Trat airport to take you to the Island Spirit Yacht Charter Base, crossing the ferry in the taxi, so you don't need to unload and reload your luggage. The airport is 20 minutes from the Koh Chang ferry, and the ferry is about a 30 minutes trip; however, the whole journey can add a few hours to your arrival/departure time depending on how busy it is and how long the cue is to board the ferry. From the ferry terminal on Koh Chang, it's another 30 minutes to the Island Spirit base.

Private Transfer Minivan:

We can arrange a transfer for you from either of the two Bangkok airports or a Bangkok hotel to the Island Spirits Base in Salakphet. From Bangkok, it's about a 6-hour drive depending on stops and the cues at the ferry. From Pattaya, it's about a 5-hour drive depending on stops and the cues at the ferry. From Trat, it's about a 2-hour drive depending on stops and the cues at the ferry. If we arrange transfers for you, our minivan driver will meet you at the airport or hotel and board the ferry with you. Once you reach the island, the driver will take you on to the Island Spirit base in Salakphet Bay, or you can make a detour to pick up some provisions. If you plan to arrange your own transportation, be sure to make arrangements for your driver to board the ferry rather than drop you at the terminal on the mainland side, which would leave you to hand-carry all your belongings onto the ferry by yourself and to negotiate the taxi ride to our base in Salakphet, once you reach the island.


The journey from Bangkok by car is pretty easy; the roads are major highways and are in good condition. You should allow 5-hours to reach the ferry terminal on the mainland side. Make sure you have plenty of time to reach the ferry terminal before the last ferry at 7:00 pm. There is free, safe parking at the Island Spirit Base, but it has no cover for your car.


Thailand has an extensive bus service, both public and private and taking a bus from Bangkok or other cities around Thailand is a viable option if time is not of the essence. However, we advise against the many "join-in" minivan services available. They are the cheapest option; however, statistics show that they are the most dangerous option aside from taking a motorbike taxi! The duration of a bus trip will vary and is unpredictable, but it will likely be an all-day adventure. The bus will only take you to the ferry on the mainland, and from there, you will need a ferry ticket across and a pick-up truck style taxi to the Island Spirit Base once you arrive on Koh Chang.

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If you're having difficulty with flights and transfers, please mention this to your Charter Coordinator to get the most up to date info and options. You can find further information regarding taxi, bus and ferry options at under Transport.

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