What to bring with you


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What to bring on your Yacht Charter Holiday

A yacht charter holiday is very similar to glamping (glamorous camping); you're just in a yacht on the water, and of course, you've got the best sea view ever. Bonus! The benefits are that there's no checking in and out of resorts or packing your bags every day to see the different beautiful locations. There are some things you can't get here, so make sure you bring those special items with you. If you have a few days in Bangkok and love to shop, you can pretty much find anything you need there.

Children's life jackets

Comfort is the key to having a child accept wearing the life jacket, and they don't work if they don't wear them. If you're sailing with a child that cannot swim, we strongly suggest that you invest in a quality, fitted life jacket for them and bring it with you. Island Spirit does have a selection of buoyancy vests suitable for some children; please book in advance to ensure availability.


  • - Sunscreen - be sure to pack it as it can be expensive in Thailand
  • - Camera/Phone & chargers
  • - A good hat or two!
  • - Swimsuit or water clothes
  • - Soft luggage for easy stowing. Hard suitcases can damage the yacht's interior; we do not allow hard suitcases on board.
  • - Beach towels for the saltwater (we supply bath towels)
  • - A long sleeve shirt and knee-length shorts/skirts if you plan to go to any temples
  • - Dry bag for when you're going ashore in your dinghy
  • - A sense of adventure


You will most likely spend most of your time aboard the yacht or on a beach and the best to do that is barefoot. Flip-flops will generally suffice for a visit ashore. If you plan to do any hikes, a good pair of sports shoes or sturdy, supportive sandals should be sufficient. Most of the beaches are sandy and don't require reef shoes.


We're in the tropics, and it's generally hot, day and night. T-shirts, shorts or sundresses/ sarongs should be enough. Remember, you will be at a different place most days, so only two to three casual outfits are necessary; no one will know you've been wearing the same few things all week! Casual clothes are fine for going ashore to island resorts in the evening, and a light jacket or sweater is all you need during the cooler months of December & January.


When entering anchorages, you must proceed slowly with a forward lookout. Polarised sunglasses assist in reducing reflection and improve the visibility of the reef. It is often possible (but not guaranteed) to get very cheap polarised sunglasses at the local shops.

Things to do aboard

Particularly if you have younger children, it's a good idea to bring some board games, books, and a deck of cards or two.


There is no guarantee that you'll be able to purchase your exact brand of medication locally, so best to bring enough with you to last the duration of your trip. Be sure to check the legality of importing your medicine into Thailand before you leave.

What NOT to bring

  • - Hard suitcases and luggage
  • - Expensive accessories - once they fall overboard, they're lost to the sea.

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