Sailing Qualifications


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All about sailing qualifications

If you have concerns, discuss your qualifications with your charter coordinator when making your booking. When you sign your yacht charter agreement, you declare that you are qualified to sail the Yacht you are renting. Island Spirit Charters is committed to due diligence in reviewing documentation that qualifies your declaration of competence. We take into consideration one or many of the following methods of demonstrating competence.

A qualification issued by a recognised Yacht Training organisation

This is primarily International Yacht Training® (IYT), Royal Yachting Association® (RYA) & American Sailing Association® (ASA), to a minimum level of attainment of Bareboat Skipper or equivalent.

A boat licence issued by a specific country, state or province

Being a holder of a boat licence issued by your local port or harbour department may not be sufficient qualification in and of itself; however, coupled with a sailing resume and references (ref below), it is an excellent addition.

Merchant or Military Navy

A commercial ship qualification may not be sufficient in and of itself; however, coupled with a sailing resume and references (ref below), it is an excellent addition.

Sailing Resume

We understand that for many, the freedom to ply the oceans without regulation or license is sacrosanct, and a sailing yacht, to some extent, is the last frontier. To this end, you do not necessarily require a formal licence to charter a yacht; however, you will need to provide a resume detailing your experience. Most preferably, provide a list of Charter companies you have previously rented a boat from, along with the location and other relevant details we would require to corroborate the information. If you have not chartered a boat before, then list boats you've owned or Skippered before, and any long passages you've made and the position you held on the voyage.

Practical demonstration

When you arrive at the base, your Base Manager will give you a comprehensive briefing on the Yacht. During the briefing, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your practical skill and knowledge. The briefing is also our opportunity to evaluate and validate the sailing qualifications you have provided us.

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