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Full board Crewed Sailing Holiday.

Feel it. A light sea breeze across the foredeck of your Yacht contrasts the warm balmy tropical afternoon. Lazing back in your deck chair, you glance up from the book you're enjoying, the one you picked out weeks ago for this very moment, and notice that the coral reef creates a shadow under the crystal clear emerald water; a swim, perhaps? But what drew your attention was the hostess moving around on the aft deck; she's just laid out a sumptuous selection of tapas and an icy-cold sparkling chardonnay; what to do, what to do! There are always tough decisions; fortunately, only happy outcomes on a fully crewed yacht charter holiday! Your Captain is there to sail you off to the prettiest of locations, making sure to arrive at precisely the best time to be there. You can help sail the Yacht as much as you like. Or not. Your hostess, with a fully equipped kitchen stocked to abundance, is there to take care of you and serve local and international cuisine as and when you may choose. Your only job is to relax and live the moment with family and friends. Luxury.

If time is of the essence, send us an email, and our charter coordinator will work with you to build apackage that suits you.

If you have a moment, peruse the selection of yachts below, delve into the detail; you can checkavailability and place a tentative booking if you think you've found what you're looking for.

Ourcharter coordinator will be in touch with you shortly to firm things up.

  • Ample food and beverage for the duration of your adventure
  • The Captain and Cook are there to serve.
  • The Yacht rental fee and its running costs, fuel and the like.
  • The yachts inventory, toys and accessories are yours to use.
  • Gratuities for the Crew
  • Meals ashore and any onshore tours or experiences you may choose to enjoy; dive trips and the like.
  • Each Yacht may offer specific options you may want in addition to the standard rates.
  • Holiday cancellation & Travel insurance

Over the years, we have curated a set of menu options that are our most popular, and it is this menuthat we have based our pricing on. When making your booking, your Charter Coordinator will discussyour culinary preferences with you and consider any specific needs. Mainly, we can accommodateyour requirements within our budget, but if that is not possible, you can increase your budget as you require.

At the bar! Your Yacht's bar has ample basic spirits and a selection of local beer. It is not a wine cellaror a cocktail bar. If you have more specific tastes, we are happy to provision the bar for you withwhatever you wish to purchase.

The Cruising Grounds

When you charter a yacht in Phuket, you explore a sailing area that stretches far beyond the island of Phuket itself. The charter area encompasses hundreds of tropical isles and consists of three main areas. To the north, Phang Nga Bay and its iconic limestone atolls. To the south, Krabi, home to endless white-sand beaches and crystal clear water and the Phi Phi Islands or "James Bond" Island. The area stretches further south to include the isles of Lanta and Lippi and their legendary luxury resorts. Lastly, for the more adventurous, out to the west in the Andaman Sea is the archipelagos of Similan and Surin.

Getting to Phuket

Its international Airport services Phuket, and airlines fly direct from most of the global hubs. From Bangkok, flights depart hourly. For the more adventurous, overnight trains & busses leave Bangkok daily.

Sailing conditions

The cruising is easy-going in Phuket; there's plenty of sailing to be done, but you're not going to be rail-down with crew hanging on in fear of their life! In each area, stunning anchorages are just an hour away, and there is no stress finding a mooring for the night nor exorbitant mooring or marina fees; just "drop the pick" at your favourite spot.


You can charter a yacht in Phuket all year round. Phuket is in the tropics, and monsoonal winds influence the weather, so we don't have winter; it's always warm. The northeast monsoon from October through April is the most popular time to visit Thailand; it tends to be cooler and dry. January & February are the coolest months of the year and offer the very best sailing conditions in Phuket. The southwest monsoon from May through September brings much-needed rain and tends to be less predictable. Sailing in the southwest monsoon can be very rewarding as it offers anchorages untenable in the northeasterly, rain-squalls tent to be late afternoon and predictable.

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