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Bareboat + Skipper Yacht Charter

Employing a Skipper gives you limitless freedom and flexibility to make your own plans, to do what you want, when you want. Your Skipper will relieve you of the rigours of command, freeing you up to focus on you and yours, knowing that everyone's safety is in capable hands. With the Bareboat+Skipper option, you are still renting the yacht and its equipment, so you retain the freedom to use it all, commensurate to your qualifications. You have the freedom to take the tender to go ashore, to explore a river or waterfall. You can take the helm and sail to your heart's content, but when you feel it's time to focus on those you're with, your Skipper's there to take the helm.

Bareboat Charter

Renting "Bareboat", you're the Skipper and remain responsible for the safety of the yacht and those aboard.

How to book

Choose a destination and select a yacht from the fleet on offer for a bareboat charter. As you make your booking, choose to add a Skipper in the options list or ask your Charter Coordinator when you're making your booking.


To ensure your comfort, you need to provide a private cabin for the Skipper, not a salon berth. When planning food and beverage, you will also need to provide for the Skipper.

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